April Box

Both Taiwan and the Philippines brought the heat and no snack pulled any punches. First, we had the Filipino Oishi shrimp crackers start us off with fancy flavor footwork, but the Q Taiwan Dessert Pie cookies with mochi let loose flying fists of sweet flavor. The savory bbq taste of the GGE Crackers crunched and weaved it's way easily into your mouth and heart although the solid and simple Mamon Tostado cookies gave them a run for your money. It's too close to call so we'll let our lucky subscribers decide!

Little Jasmine Fruit Jelly Candy


The sweetness of these chewy lime-flavored gummy overrides the zestiness. These little morsels taste like a lime popsicle. There's also a little bit of texture from the lime pulp that gives it a nice finisher.

Hansel Chocolate Sandwich Cream Filled Biscuits


Salty crackers sandwiched with a sweet & fragrant chocolate-like spread. Eat with a glass of milk to cleanse your palate & enjoy your next biscuit even more.

Pearl Soybean Drink With Tapioca & Mung Bean Flavor


Milky & healthy mung bean flavored soymilk drink with tasty popping tapioca balls. Refrigerate & drink with a straw to maximize your experience.

GGE Wheat Crackers BBQ Flavor


The name 'wheat crackers' is misleading as these are more like round, mini ramen-esque discs of crispy chopped noodles with a sweet & savory BBQ flavor.

Q Taiwan Dessert Cacao Mochi Chocolate Flavor


Bite-sized chewy chocolate flavored mochi (rice cake) with a gooey chocolate filling. Refrigerate if you want a slightly more solid & gummy dessert.

Oishi Prawn Crackers


Crunchy & crispy crackers that are flavored subtly with shrimp and spices. Don't be scared of the shrimp flavor. Embrace it. It's tasty.

Mamon Tostado Coconut Cookies


Crispy cookies with a slight coconut flavor from the coconut oil that's used to make them. These treats are a cookie version of a traditional Filipino sponge cake.

Q Taiwan Dessert Pie Cookie With Mochi


Soft chocolate chip cookie surrounds sweet gooey mochi that tastes like honey jelly. The cookie breaks away & melts in your mouth to take you on a magical mochi journey.

Croley Sunflower Crackers


Lightly salty crackers that surround a sweet buttery cream. These have a simple but snackalicious taste that makes you want to eat more & more.

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