The Mission

To share our love of yummy Asian food, one box at a time. We will provide a variety of quality snacks from Asia to our subscribers every month. DaeboxSnacks wants to provide the best Asian snacking experience and we will always be thinking about our friends and fans. 

Our History

 Our company began when two friends from Utah bonded over Asian food and culture and eventually decided to start a business together. We wanted to share our love of Asian food with people of different cultures and thought that a subscription box was a perfect idea.

The name DaeboxSnacks is a pun on the South Korean slang word daebak (pronounced ‘day bawk’) which means awesome. Our goal is to hopefully make you say daebak! when you get your snacks from us ;)

Meet Our Team

Anh Pham

 Founder of DaeboxSnacks. Graphic and web designer. Obsessions include k-dramas, foosball, Supernatural, and Warframe.

Favorite Asian snack: Almond Pepero

Jasmine Haywood

 Co-Owner of Daeboxsnacks. Writer and Nerd. Loves manga and webtoons, and wants to go to Korea to see a K-Pop concert. 

Favorite Asian snack: Meiji Coffee Beat